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In the second year of the Cleantech Open, 2007, we asked you to join us. And you did. Over the coming years you created the Cleantech Open, a nationwide ecosystem that connects entrepreneurs with investors, national labs, corporations, foundations and more.

With your help, the Cleantech Open has now worked with nearly 600 companies in the US alone; those companies have raised over $660 million in early stage financing.

Today the need to support cleantech entrepreneurs has never been greater. Governments around the world are in trouble and the economic situation remains difficult.

If you haven't already, now is the moment to join us.

There are so many ways to make the difference:

VOLUNTEER to become an active part of driving our programs and events
MENTOR the cleantech startups that will create jobs and save the planet
PARTNER to connect your network with the Cleantech Open's rapidly evolving ecosystem
SPONSOR to build your brand and gain early access to people and technologies
APPLY to compete in our 2012 Business Competition

And the easiest and quickest thing you could do is to DONATE and help us support more entrepreneurs with innovative solutions.

The ultimate goal here is to have these connection be truly global where a startup based in Minneapolis can receive mentoring from an expert in Denver, license its technology to a strategic partner in Texas, and receive venture capital from the Boston or Sand Hill Road. The Cleantech Open provides a platform for that kind of interaction and visibility.

Please, join us!


Members of the press gather to hear about the newest Cleantech Open successes.

2009 Launch guests view the prototype from Electric Vehicle Research Company.

A crowd of hundreds eagerly await the announcement of the national prize package, worth $250,000.

Gold Sponsor, PG&E, hosts a table at a recent event. Many sponsors participate in multiple ways with the Cleantech Open.