The Cleantech Open 2012 Accelerator & Competition

The Cleantech Open Accelerator & Competition consists of a number of key activities; extensive mentoring, training, business clinics, access to investors and capital, numerous opportunities to showcase to the media and the public, and the competition itself. Since its inception in 2006, the Cleantech Open has awarded over $5M in cash and services to support cleantech growth companies. The 581 participating companies of the Cleantech Open’s accelerator programs have raised more than $660 million in external capital.

Benefits of becoming a Semifinalist and Participating in the Accelerator

- Chance at prizes valued from $10,000 Regionally to $250,000 nationally
- Participation at the National West Coast and/or East Coast Academy 
- Enrollment in the full series of Cleantech Open Training Seminars and Webinars 
- Mentor, Investor and Sustainability Programs more
- Exhibition space at the Cleantech Open National Conference and Global Forum more
- All-access tickets to all regional and most national events
- Resources like the new book from Steve Blank & Bob Dorf “The Startup Owner’s Manual”
- Exclusive Software Offer from the Cleantech Open and Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program (up to $10,000 value) more

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How the Accelerator & Competition Works


*Grand Prize up to $100,000 cash (grant and/or investment). All cash prizes may be cash grant and/or investment and are subject to change.

Alumni Success stories

Since 2006 Cleantech Open Accelerator & Competition has:

  • launched 581 companies
  • helped 40% of Alumni companies to receive external funding
  • raised $660m, $154m in last 12 months
  • About the Accelerator & Competition


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