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2014 Finalists

Energy Generation

Category:Energy Generation
The Power of Concentration
RayGen provides advanced solar power technology for utility scale generation. RayGen’s Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic (CSPV) technology combines the best features of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and PV. CSPV utilises a field of glass mirrors (Heliostats) to concentrate sunlight onto an ultra-efficient multi-junction PV cell array. With 40% of the collector area and 65% of the plant mass of PV, CSPV promises to provide the world’s lowest cost energy.

Category:Energy Generation
Developer of a wind power generator (WPG) that allows the wind turbine to be encapsulated inside two aerodynamic cones.

Category:Energy Generation
The way for energy harvesting
Waynergy offers a unique product in the global market, that converts vehicles wasted energy into electricity. It offers a solution that allows getting profits from energy sale, or reducing operational costs. Municipalities and motorway operators are the main market segments.

Country:Costa Rica
Category:Energy Generation
Econnected 24/7
Solergy is a company that develops, manufactures and markets technological appliances fueled by clean energy. The first product that will be launch is a portable charger for cellphones which is fed with solar energy, with a minimalist, simple and compact design so it can be taken anywhere as a keychain. The creation of this charger is born in response to a need that arises in Costa Rica, to charge the cellphone anywhere, anytime throughout the day and with a clean energy. Energy is stored in a rechargeable battery, so it is ready to use when the person desires, also, its USB port guarantees its compatibility with any cellphone

Category:Energy Distribution & Storage
Linking fuel consumers with fuel providers
GasLiner has developed a breakthrough off-pipeline, mobile and multifunctional Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Refueling System. With various modifications of our product we are targeting all main transportation market segments, from return to base fleets to truckers and high horse power vehicles. Our infrastructure helps Energy Companies, Local Distribution Companies and Service Providers to leverage CNG potential with cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable fuel. Our core competitive advantage is our proven and patented technology of Multifunctional Liquid Piston that brings cost and time efficiency as well as convenience of off-pipeline parallel CNG refueling.

Energy Efficiency

Category:Energy Efficiency
Host by Caloric
A smart thermostat that reduces expenses
Caloric is a smart space thermostat, which can reduce dramatically the expenses for heating, while maintaining the comfort in high levels, without human intervention.

Category:Energy Efficiency
Company:Ollin Power Innovation
We develop integrated solutions of hardware and software for remote monitoring and controlling. Our systems provide predictive and preventive data for energy efficiency and fault prevention. We implement wireless sensor networks and cloud analytical tools for our databases. Being located in Mexico City our technology focuses in the needs of the developing world taking full advantage of our close contact with clients and costumers. We conceive, design and manufacture our technology based in the sustainability principles of enhancing economic growth with clean technology and social welfare.

Category:Energy Efficiency
Company:Research Center - Energy Efficiency & resource Saving
Production of heating elements based on carbon


CoModule - the antidote for range anxiety
coModule mobile connectivity technology is empowering the light electric vehicle revolution by eliminating main concerns about electric vehicles: range anxiety, theft and battery lifetime. Available solutions to check electric vehicle range and battery status are hideous and outdated. coModule electronics can easily be integrated into any electric vehicle battery. By connecting wirelessly to a user's smartphone, coModule transmits information about the vehicle. The mobile application visualizes this data and provides range estimation based on adaptive algorithms and use of mapping tools. Data platform enables the manufacturer to take advantage of data to not only gather info for analytics and product development.

Chemicals & Advanced Materials

Category:Chemicals & Advanced Materials
Chemicals with a green conscience
TychoBio can produce the chemicals we need in our everyday lives in a smarter and greener way: in moss! We depend on biochemicals for everything from laundry to healthcare. However, many of these chemicals are currently being manufactured in unsustainable ways. Some methods generate large amounts of chemical waste; others take up large areas of land that could otherwise be used to grow crops for food. None of them are sustainable. TychoBio can produce these chemicals in a cleaner, cheaper and more efficient way.

Agriculture, Water, & Waste

Category:Agriculture, Water & Waste
Innovative irrigation and fertilization technology
AutoAgronom's sustainable precision irrigation products provides crop needs in most environments while reducing the aquifer pollution, energy use, hydraulic implementation and overall costs to the growers. Our products have saved growers up to 50% of water and 70% of fertilizer while increasing crop yields by an average of 20-30% (in 50 sites). "Root Sense" technology “listens” to the plants, analyzes their needs and ensures crops receive the optimal level of oxygen, water and fertilizer in real-time. Our product is “listening” to the plants and we take automatically autonomous irrigation and fertilization decisions regarding quantities and timing, facilitating an active 24hrs/day growth cycle while reducing the gap to their genetic potential.

Category:Agriculture, Water & Waste
The Ynsect Company operates in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry and agro-industry sector. Ynsect has developed tremendous technologies to use insects to bioconvert organic substrates, and transforms those insects into bioactive compounds for agro-industry sectors (proteins, lipids…) and green chemistry (polysaccharides and derivatives, peptides, fertilizers…)

2013 Global Ideas Competition Finalists

Global Ideas

Company:SBT Aqua
Ensuring Safe Drinking Water
SBT Aqua will develop and produce sensors that are able to continuously detect bacteria in drinking water to supply the water industry with an unprecedented quality control system.
SBT Aqua

Efficient Farming
ECF builds aquaponic farm systems that enable resource efficient fish and vegetable production in urban environments. Aquaponics combines a traditional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment. Due to the integrated arrangement of aquaculture and hydroponics and the dual usage of water, up to 50% of this valuable resource is saved.

HANS develops a revolutionary concept of integrated water pumping system powered by renewable energy sources for irrigation and drinking water extraction in remote, off--grid areas. The system exploits a number of novel technologies (including intellectual property licensed by the European Space Agency) to offer high efficiency, improved maintainability and reduced system costs to the inherent flexibility of the architecture, the system can easily work with both solar panels and small wind turbines.

Company:Cedar Environmental
Cedar Environmental was established to put Dynamic Composting TechnologyTM to use in Municipal Solid Waste treatment. We use enzyme technology to accelerate degradation of organic waste into compost inside our patented and registered Rotary Drum ComposterTM. Dynamic composting is an accelerated composting technique whichturns organic waste into a humus like material called compost. The reaction of dynamic composting takes only three days to achieve compared with up to ninety days in other composting techniques.
Cedar Environmental

Company:Organic Response
Truly Revolutionary Lighting Control Technology
Organic Response is a revolutionary lighting control system using Distributed Intelligence to deliver maximum energy savings with optimal occupancy comfort. Uniquely, the technology requires no additional design, hardware, wiring or commissioning to install. The system allows building management systems to access real time, location specific occupancy information to improve their own energy efficiency.
Organic Response

Advanced processes for ultra high density and low power data storage devices Siltene aims to become the leader in advanced magnetic materials for high performance, low power Hard Disk Drive and MRAM applications and plans to establish a new manufacturing standard. SILTENE focuses on three primary business lines: -Development of advanced processes in association with established MRAM and Hard Disk Drive companies. -Development and commercialization of treatment tools, in association with established equipment manufacturers. -Licensing of our technology to HDD and MRAM manufacturers to allow the production of ultrahigh density and low power data storage devices.

Country:The Netherlands
Company:Eternal Sun
Eternal Sun is a high-tech company based in Delft, the Netherlands. Founded as a spin-off from a research project of Delft University of Technology, we specialize in solar simulation technology. Our solar simulation systems are unique; we deliver AAA-class, steady-state illumination up to any size. Our equipment is innovative and practical in use, and therefore chosen by many worldwide customers. We deliver high quality products, allowing you to do the same.
Eternal Sun

Chemicals & Advanced Materials
Propellant-free dispensing technology for aerosols and continuous dispensers. The GreenSpense eco-sleeve introduces a propellant-free technology for Aerosols and continuous dispensers that enables continuous dispensing without using gas. The eco-sleeve mounts over standard pouches used with current dispensers. It generates high pressure and provides the usual consumer experience of continuous dispensing, but unlike the gas, it generates pressure only towards the center of the package. As a result, it eliminates the need for cylindrical, pressurized metal containers. This allows for creative packaging designs and use of recyclable materials such as plastic, cardboard and biodegradables.

Green Building
Using a patent pending, modular, production process, we use waste wool to produce thermal insulating material for homes and buildings. In turn we generate income for rural farmers and generate a positive impact on the environment. Thermal insulator made out from natural fibers, completely sustainable and ecological, for houses and edifices construction. Its main feature is its making. Made from sheep wool, a low textile quality wool which actually does not have any commercial use, in fact, is thrown away as garbage in the process of wool making. Thus, Bioaislant allows the use of farming disposals to create an ecologically sustainable product, completely renewable, and doesn’t contaminate.

Green Building
Up to 70% Water Saving, Soil-Less Farming Our Ultimate Goal is Regeneration of Plants. Imec® (Film Farming) is the world’s first hydrogel membrane based agro-technology to address some of the serious issues that our world communities’ face today regarding food shortage, water scarcity and land contamination.

Country:United Kingdom
Company:Naked Energy
Energy Generation
Naked Energy has developed an innovative hybrid solar technology generating combined heat and power. The versatile modular design of Virtu® places crystalline photovoltaic cells in an evacuated solar thermal collector. For any given area more of the sun’s energy is converted into heat and electricity (90% of the 1000W/m2 available) thanks to the patented heat transfer mechanism. Thermal and electrical outputs are optimized irrespective of geographic or climatic conditions. With the isothermally cooled PV cells protected from the environment, Virtu® is especially suited to harsh high--‐insolation markets. Naked Energy is in the final stages of prototype development preparing for pilot installations in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Virtu® is both disruptive and scalable.
Naked Energy

Think transportation, think is an online platform that helps reduce traffic jams and environmental pollution in urban areas of Vietnam. An easy--to--use website and application connect users so they can share empty seats on various types of vehicles and so reduce carbon emissions. acts sharing vehicles. It also works with a transport company to provide standardized ride--sharing services (taxi--sharing, van pools) via a B2C platform.

The mind behind the everyday objects of your life
Objii brings internet of things to the next level. Using machine learning algorithms let’s, among other mobile and social networking.Objii brings internet of things to the next level. Using machine learning algorithms let’s, among other mobile and social networking.

Company:LUA Inc.
Powering People Beyound Light and Energy Poverty
LUA combines both mobile and immobile technologies to provide access to electricity, Charge mobile phones, and monetize Kenyan lives. Our product, the Taapoa, is modular and scalable for communal energy commerce, connecting producers and consumers in the informal economy for secondary and tertiary impacts via mobile transactions and physical currency. The end result is not only a product specific solution, but a platform based solution that energizes the pyramid.

Country:Costa Rica
Building a bacterium which can transform whey into biodiesel
Cibus 3.0 is the first synthetic biology company from Central America focus on bioenergy. Our goal is to transform residuals from agroindustry into fuel. Our first project consist in producing microorganisms that may use whey as feedstock to produce biodiesel.

Company:Electric Feel
ElectricFeel provides a software--based solution for the setup and management of E--Bike--Sharing. Our GPS--based platform converts E--Bike--Fleets into an intelligent system that is scalable, easy to run and simple to use. The solution helps technology providers service and improve their products, and gives mobility providers a high ROI system, including planning of the system and lifecycle management.
Electric Feel

Empowering your materials
Promoting a wider commercialization of fouling release and durable marine coatings based on nanotechnology, and more specifically on carbon nanotubes. The product is already in production, but we wish to expand its commercialization and support its development.

Global Ideas


2012 Global Ideas Competition Finalists

Company:enLighten Australia
Shining the Innovation on Light
enLighten Australia designs and supplies highly efficient LED lighting for commercial, industrial and residential strata applications, reducing energy consumption by up to 93% compared with traditional fluorescent lighting.
enLighten Australia

Country:Bosnia Herzegovina
Company:Hydrogen Industrial
Hydrogen industrial is an additive for thermal electrical power plants (TEPP) that replaces 50% of coal currently used today in 7,000 TEPP worldwide. Its contents are mixed locally at the site of the TEPP and has an energy value of approximately 95 000 kj/kg, and is cost effective. Cuts in emissions of CO2 and SO2 are approximately 50%. Worldwide patents have been issued.
Hydrogen Industrial

Scan, recycle and donate
MOBILE APP which allows the consumer to earn points through recycling specific products. These points can then be used in order to help environmental protection agencies.

Country:Costa Rica
Company:TurboEoms S.A.
Redefining wind power
TurboEoms is a company which has the exclusive distribution of the innovative and patent pending wind turbines SkyTwister for electricity production. The turbines are for small systems. They have 4 main advantages over its competitors: higher efficiency, wider range of wind speeds, they are noiseless and cheaper.

Country:Dominican Republic
Company:Solar Mobility
From sun to moto
Solar Mobility’s vision is to enable the replacement of fossil fuel transportation with solar powered vehicles, by providing disruptive, 8 minutes, low cost charging technology; introducing new trends in the transportation industry and new business models!Solar Mobility’s vision is to enable the replacement of fossil fuel transportation with solar powered vehicles, by providing disruptive, 8 minutes, low cost charging technology; introducing new trends in the transportation industry and new business models!

Conservation solutions provider for agricultural products
AiControl is a comprehensive services provider that is committed to energy efficient modification, agricultural conservation and pre-cooling. Research and development center has obtained three authorized patents for inventions. AiControl continuously enhances the level of energy saving refrigeration controller as well as introduces advanced technologies of foreign conservation and pre-cooling.

Fuel Profiler
SP3H provides optical analysis through a small device installed in engines for fuel quality and specificity (carbon chain analysis). This enables allows a drastic reduction in consumption and pollution by dynamically adapting the parameters of the motor.

Company:Material Recovery Systems
MRS is a R&D, mechanical design and service provider company with a focus on material recovery systems applied to thin-film deposition processes. Its mission is providing breakthrough technology, in order to increase the efficiency of PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) processes, today used to produce microchips, MEMS, solar cells and other devices.

For a brighter future
Lumos brings affordable energy to 1.5B people in the off-grid world by providing a "home power station in a box" - a new type of solar panel that allows users to purchase electricity on demand using their mobile phone.

aQysta is a start-up company based at TU Delft, Netherlands. aQysta envision sustainable technologies to revolutionize agriculture and enhance food security of the world. Our mission is to develop renewable technological solutions to improve socio-economic prosperity by diversifying and integrating high value agriculture.

Company:Wave Power Only

Cloud Energy Management
Unplugg is a cloud-based open platform for energy management focused on the consumer. Our solution gathers data from Smart Meters and Power Meters and uses that data for monitoring, analytics and challenge the user to sustainably improve its energy performance. This is based on a unique continuous feedback loop that interacts with the user through web and mobile.

Company:Gomavial Solutions
Beyond recycling
GomaVial is a technological company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets high-value technology products, obtained from used tires, aimed for the civil engineering, industrial and environmental sectors. GomaVial uses a disruptive patent pending technology to deconstruct used tires by retaining each layer of technology contained within them.

BRD builds better motorcycles - faster, easier, prettier and more economical - that happen to be electric. Our first product, the 2013 RedShift motocrosser, has been called “the first electric to demonstrate a clear superiority over its gas predecessors.”
Company:BRD Motorcycles
BRD Motorcycles

Biosyntia offers high-performance cell factories for fermentation of fine chemicals for manufacturing companies, enabling them to cut production costs by up to 80%, while gaining a greener profile.
The bio-pioneer of sustainable solutions

2011 Global Ideas Competition Finalists

Energy Efficiency


Australia_ SMAC_logo.jpg

SMAC Technologies
Our technologies are reducing commercial building's air conditioning energy by a proven 30 to 85%.

SMAC Technologies own a suite of patented proven highly energy efficient, low costing air conditioning (AC) technologies that are applicable world-wide to the AC of commercial and industrial buildings.  Results from over 40 installations have shown a proven 30 to 85%.



Wixta Industries

WIXTA INDUSTRIES is an Hi-tech company born in 2009 which is investing to develop highly advanced technological solutions based on the physical principle of “Hydrodynamic Controlled Cavitation”. After years of intense research by some of its team components, WIXTA INDUSTRIES is studying the generation of Hydrodynamic Cavitation in liquids, benefiting also from the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) in the TTP incubation program for technological transfer in EBI ITALY incubator at ITECH Tecnopolo Tiburtino financed by BIC Lazio. Several prototypes and products have been recently developed based on the concept design “Rotary Centrifugal Device for Heating and Vaporizing Liquids”, a device for the generation of Controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation for many different industrial applications.




The flame free catalytic combustion in ReformTech’s unique catalytic heaters provides several advantages such as high fuel efficiency without any dangerous emissions. Among other advantages with this exciting technology is, the possibility to use different fuels, a directionally controllable heat radiation, low costs and robust performance. The catalytic heaters from Reformtech can be utilized for example in automotive applications for engine and compartment heating, battery pre-heating, heating in mobile homes as well as for other applications where efficiency, signature and environmental impacts are vital to the user.



Vistvaen Orka

The LED based photobioreactor developed by Vistvaen Orka Inc is energy efficient and capable of achieving ultra-high bioproductivity from microalgae. By efficiently integrating photonics and biotechnology, the photobioreactor can increase the bioproductivity from microalgae manifold in comparison to current methods. The patent pending photobioreactor system is suitable for 24/7 biofixation of CO2 as well as for producing biomass from microalgae for fine chemicals and biofuels. As the photobioreactor is modular and scalable, it can easily be integrated into green building architecture.



Yoga has developed an affordable building automation platform.  

Yoga has developed an affordable building automation platform for Telecoms to bring easy-to-use fully intelligent building automation to masses. Yoga is a powerful tool for all buildings to achieve the most healthy indoor climate, highest security level and comfort in the most energy efficient way. Yoga works through a cloud system linking you with your home or office regardless of your location through a mobile phone, computer, or TV.



'The ideal power transmission for every application'

Powertrack is an international company with long experience in mechanical systems of continuously variable transmission of new generation (CVP) that can be applied to different sectors , automotive among them.

United Kingdom


Cambridge Nanotherm

Cambridge Nanotherm has developed and patented a novel electro-chemical process for forming nanoceramic dielectric layers directly onto an aluminium base or arbitrary shape. This technology is already proven and deployed in mass production in applications as diverse as sports, textile and packaging. After further analysis of the properties of our nanoceramic coating we found that it was ideal for highly efficient substrates, boards, heat sinks which can increase the life of LED lighting and other systems

Green Building




Ekolite converts “Waste to Value” when making composite materials from biomass and industrial wastes by means of mechanical and/or chemical activation. Manufacturing technology is very resource efficient. Ekolite is targeting to commercialize new modified biofuel ash based geopolymers for infrastructures and new natural fibre composites for thermal, acoustic and fire insulating materials. Primary areas of use are green buildings and infrastructures; secondarily the solutions can be used for transportation, energy production and forest industry renewal. New construction materials can improve energy efficiency, absorb noise and improve overall safety and comfort of living worldwide.

South Africa

Building Joy
Spinning energy inside-out

Building Joy installs energy harnessing devices on the surfaces of buildings, both inside and out to generate renewable energy. Inside buildings, floor coverings are applied which have piezoelectric materials (producing an electrical charge when stress is applied to them) embedded to collect the energy of people treading on these surfaces e.g. high-traffic floors, stairs and corridors. Outside buildings we affix “branches” with thin film photovoltaic “leaves” collecting solar energy . The stems of the “branches” are thin, ultra-flexible and light which generate energy when they are vibrated by wind or rain.

Renewable Energy


Malaysia_REEP Logo Final.jpg

Recovery of Expended Energy Power Production (REEP) Impact Generator
Clean, Green & Low Cost Electricity by recovering the wasted expended energy from vehicular traffic.

The REEP Impact Generator is an energy conversion device embedded within the road which generates electricity when vehicular traffic runs over it. The application of this technology is on high traffic, high speed roads - engineered in modular formats contributing to low lead and maintenance downtime.



Home refueling for natural gas vehicles

HYGEN is a startup company developing refueling infrastructure solution product for Natural Gas Vehicles and Extended Range Electrical Vehicles in the private vehicle segment. We are developing a "SIM card" for Natural Gas Vehicles industry - Home or office refueling station. The product will cost nothing for the end user as our direct clients will be Gas Utility companies which can boost their gas sales by providing the end user with access to cheap fuel at his or her home. Also, business model innovation will allow us to offer a new car at half price just as now subscribing to mobile operator services you are provided with subsidized phones. Unlike the Electric Vehicle (EV) concept, which anticipates 8 -10 h refueling at your home, we will provide the end user with superior convenience of 5 minutes refueling and perfect driving extender and reserve fuel - gasoline, unlike expensive and sophisticated battery switching infrastructure in EV concept.



Black Silicon Solar 

Black Silicon Solar develops a proprietary nanotechnology process for improving silicon solar cells in a cost-efficient way. By mainly focusing on reducing costs rather than improving the efficiency Black Silicon Solar has been able to develop an alternative texturing process that makes the overall production of solar cells 10% cheaper, reduces production times, use of toxic chemicals, and the amount of silicon used per cell. Black Silicon Solar is targeting the 50 billion dollar silicon solar market with the solar cell manufacturers as end-customers. These manufacturers are currently under severe financial pressure from Chinese competitors and cost-reducing technologies such as the Black Silicon Solar process will be crucial for their survival.




The Light Rotor is a innovative technology developed by Norwegian Norsetek. It includes a new structural arrangement for how to build large wind turbine rotors. This enables rotors to be lighter and larger so that they have a far better cost efficiency. The conventional three-bladed and cantilevered blade design was originally made for blade lengths of 8-10 meters. This design is today scaled up to 65 meters or more. The weight of the rotor then increases more than the energy harvested from the rotor area. The Norsetek technology can save up to 40% of material weight, significantly lowering costs related to material. The rotors are sectionable which enables easy transports of large wind turbines on roads and on the sea.



Use of vegetal biotechnology to produce high-value products

Biométhodes has developed an innovative process on 2nd generation Biofuels and Bioplastics based on brown coal derivatives. This chemical process called OPTALYSIS allows breaking up lignocellulosic biomass (wood material, agricultural waste…) to extract high value components from it. These components are then used for diverse applications (biofuels, bioplastics, carbon fibers, glues…). The bioethanol and biofuel market is driven today by public incentives. Governments are determined to boost the development of renewable fuels and the reduction of GHG emission due to fossil fuels. The essential problem of the 2nd-generation biofuel is about to be solved by Biométhodes: the extremely competitive cost of the enzymatic pre-treatment for hydrolysis of the Optalysis process. Biométhodes wants to integrate its technology to existing 1st-generation biofuels production units to be able to extract agricultural and non-alimentary residue from the biomass. This will increase dramatically these processes’ profitability.


Cobitech Limited

Samson Gichia is the Managing Director and a founder member Cobitech Limited. He is a holder of BA Degree-Economics and Sociology (University of Nairobi) and a trained accountant. He has vast experience in community development and environmental management having worked as a researcher for the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) and thereafter founded the Community Development Research Centre (CDRC) an NGO focused on rural community empowerment and research.

Samson’s passion for biogas technology had seen him establish an award winning biogas promotion that seeks to make biogas project more affordable at the rural areas through partnership with Micro-finance Institutions at the Enablis/ILO 2010 Business Launchpad Competition. The project is currently on-going and is having immense impact at Kenya’s rural household level.


Resolute Marine Energy
Clean Power from Ocean Waves

Resolute Marine Energy (RME) is developing technologies that produce clean energy from ocean waves. Since our founding in 2007, we have received research and development funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Interior Minerals Management Service to build and test several wave energy converter (WEC) prototypes. Our initial goal is to build and sell smaller-scale, wave-driven power solutions (1-10kW) utilized in commercial applications including open-ocean aquaculture, seawater desalination and ocean observation systems. Our longer-term goal is to develop WEC appropriate for utility-scale, grid-connected electricity generation. RME is committed to uphold the highest standards of ocean stewardship and to deliver triple-bottom-line returns to stakeholders in terms of measurable financial, social and environmental benefits.

Air, Water & Waste



Yiyuan (Shanghai) Environmental Group Co., Ltd.
Leading a water-saving revolution by cutting toilet water consumption by up to 80%

This project is based on breakthrough technologies on the traditional flushing toilet. It can save up to 80% of water consumed (benchmarked against the already water-saving 6-litre toilet), with side benefits of leakage-free design, easiness to maintain and install, and hands-free operation.



Ventana Cleantech
Converting waste plastics into lighter petroleum fuels.

Engineering R&D startup focused on delivering a disruptive technology for catalytic conversion of waste plastics into fuels with attributes similar to diesel & gasoline. 2nd generation process design & scaleup completed.  2 patents filed.  Estimated cost of production of fuel $0.83- $1.18/ gallon. Hydrocarbon CatcrackerTM -- our patent-pending technology -- accepts mixed, loose & unsegregated waste plastics from a municipal waste/material recycling facility or industrial plastic waste stream and catalytically cracks it to useful hydrocarbon oils without creating any harmful emissions. The company is based in India with plans to open offices in Silicon Valley, California soon.


Jordan_NPS Logo.jpg

Nitrate Production System

Some 100 million tons of nitrogen-based fertilizer are produced annually through a process that relies heavily on petroleum byproducts, namely natural gas. As such, fertilizer production generally occurs near oil refineries and its cost is tied to oil prices. Entrepreneurs from Jordan have developed and patented a process for producing nitrate in a water solution, resulting in cleaner, less expensive production and a more natural fertilizer for plants. The water-based Nitrate Production System requires only modest amounts of power, which can be supplied by solar or other green sources of energy. The production could occur in self-contained, self-operated units that could be purchased affordably by individual farmers, or in strategically located facilities supporting wider geographical areas. In either case, the environmental impact and costs of fertilizer production coulddecrease, and fewer people around the world might go hungry.

Bosnia & Herzegovina



During the production of acrylic products 10% to 20% of raw material is left unused thus it becomes a waste we cannot properly dispose. Because of acrylic 's characteristics (it burns slow without smoke or odor) we came up with the idea of using that waste to make a product which will help people in fire starting. Using market research we found out that all other similar products are not made from recycled materials and beside of that our product has much better characteristics and is more practical. Those two facts, our large acryl waste accumulation and unpractical fire starting products on our market led us towards the idea of making FLAMESTICK. The FLAMESTICK product is actually acryl sticks for fire starting. They are waterproof and they burn steadily without much smoke and without odor. They are much more practical than other similar products available on the market. During burnout stick evaporates and leaves no residue. Entire product is made of acryl waste and most important it is not harmful for human health. Apart from this idea we have plans to add wooden sawdust which would make perfect eco filling. With that our product would be even more environmentally friendly.



World Climate Credit (WCC) the first social gaming bank for individuals to offset their Carbon Footprint.

World Climate Credit (WCC) is building the first social gaming banking experience for carbon credits. Our company will democratize individual’s carbon offsetting in a fun and innovative way through a virtual currency sponsored by companies and exposed through social media, where individuals will compete against their friends, city and country.


Chile_fondo biofiltro.jpg

Using Mother Nature we provide a clean and sustainable solution for waste water treatment.

Given the increasing scarcity of water in the world, Biofiltro aspires to become the most used technology for treating water in underdeveloped countries. Biofiltro is a technology that will revolutionize the water treatment industry mainly because of its low cost and environmental care, which transforms it into a fully sustainable solution. Traditional solutions use a large amount of energy, chemicals and sludge generated, three aspects that today must be reduced to ensure sustainability in the future. Biofiltro uses Mother Nature, through worms and microorganisms are able to process the organic matter present in water and turn it into earthworm castings, one of the richest organic fertilizers, widely used in agriculture and for soil recovery.

New Zealand

NewZealand_Bucky Box Landscape Logo.jpg

Bucky Box

Bucky Box is creating the tools for a better food system. We build powerful, easy to use software tools to enable a local food system which is people and planet friendly.
The web based software application automates subscriptions, billing & delivery logistics for vegetable box schemes, community supported agriculture (CSA), food hubs & co-operatives.


2010 Global Ideas Competition Finalists

Air, Water & Waste


Tongji University, Shanghai, P.R. China
Two-stage anaerobic digestion technology for high strength industrial wastewater treatment


Application of rice husk in Green Chemistry
Rice husk as an adsorbent material to tackle oil spills and water pollution.


Zen Robotics
Zen Robotics have invented a robotic waste sorting system. Built with off the shelf industrial robotics components, the system utilizes biomimetic artificial intelligence to separate raw materials from construction and demolition waste (CND).


The Eco-preneurs
Eco-friendly kitchen accessories and decorative items made from Arecanut leaves using village based manufacturing.


A proactive voluntary program for environmental sustainability, initially focusing on viticulture


EZ Flush
A “Green” IV drip set regulator and flushing unit to reduce both clinical waste and hospital acquired disease

New Zealand

Clean Green Effluent Company Ltd.
A fully automated, low application dairy effluent system that is kind to the environment and enhances dairy farm performance and management practices.


Sunlabob International Pte Ltd.
Clean, reliable, and affordable solar-powered domestic and drinking water supply for poor households in isolated off-grid communities in Laos and Cambodia


In Tec Dolo Innovacions Tecnològiques
Our recently patented technology creates water out of the humidity present in the air. Developed by a team of experts, the Hidromach uses electrical charges to cause the water present in the air to condense. The input energy source can be solar, wind or hydrogen; and the cost per liter of the water output is very competitive. These TWO issues make the Hidromach a self-sustaining solution.

Energy Efficiency


A new superior type of LED chips based on a Zink oxide semiconductor and nano wires. The chips will emit a high quality light spectrum similar to the sun with very low energy consumption compared to light output. The manufacturing costs for the chip will also be 8 to 10 times lower than conventional technology.

Renewable Energy


Solaris Synergy
Solaris Synergy has developed and is now piloting a novel system for Solar generation of electricity, utilizing F-CPV (Floating-Concentrated Photo Voltaic) technology, on water surfaces.

United Kingdom

An energy efficient microbubble generator which can disperse gases to high levels of phase fraction into liquids, using about 20% less energy than conventional steady flow systems. The applications to biogas upgrading by stripping CO2, algal biofuels growth and density enhancement, and bioethanol yield increases are all commercially promising.


Pontoon Power
A floating wave energy converter based on working pontoons, hydraulic pumping cylinders, hydroelectric turbine and generator mounted on a patent pending ballasting and load-bearing structure.


Sustainable Development For All-Kenya
Manufactures Solar Lanterns which utilize both recycled metal and recycled solar panels. In a country where much of the lighting in rural areas is provided the solar lanterns are a clean energy method of tackling the health and environmental adverse impacts caused by kerosene.


Green Building


Abeo A/S (2010 Global Winner)
Abeo A/S was founded in June 2010 to commercialize the patented building technology “Super-Light Structures” invented by Professor Kristian Hertz

Smart Power, Green Grid, Energy Storage

United States

Next generation nanotechnology enabled energy storage devices and technology.


Soft4Energy is a young software company, founded in August 2009. Soft4Energy develops and sells PVSoft, a supervision and maintenance software for photovoltaic systems. PVSoft is sold as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.


ReMake Electric
ReMake offers the public and SMEs an economical energy consumption monitoring system that can inform about real-time electrical load by a simple technique. This creates new opportunities in energy savings, electrical safety and in efficient electrical operation management.



Dolpheet Internet S.A.
A sustainable model for enterprise and university transportation, reducing traffic problems through an innovative system of sharing rides and cash awards.


Eco Tuk B.V.
LPG conversion kit for 2-stroke auto-rickshaws in India, which reduces fuel costs by approximately 50% and CO2 pollution with approximately 40%.