Investors and Grants Program

The Cleantech Open Investors and Grants Program are chartered to accelerate the funding of Cleantech Open Alumni companies by engaging the investor community and benefit from grant opportunities. The program encourages two paths: maximum involvement from Angel Investors and Venture Capital firms; and assistance with grant research and writing to fund R&D efforts. Specifically, our goals are to:

  • Seek contestant recommendations and referrals from investors during contestant recruitment.
  • Engage investors as mentors during the competition.
  • Engage investors to speak at the Academy, become coaches at our Business Clinics, and serve as speakers and panelists at other events throughout the year.
  • Recruit a large contingent of Angel and VC investors to meet directly with all contestants and selected alumni to encourage match-making for potential funding.
  • Investors are also invited to the Global Forum for an additional round of matchmaking.
  • Assist with grant seeking from multiple sources, including Federal Grants, Recovery Grants, State Grants, State & City Block Grants and Government Bid Opportunities: Federal, State & Local (via a commercial service)

More details on each portion of the program follow.

Direct Access to Early Stage deal flow for Investors

  • Access to Executive Summaries
  • Access to Business Plans (with permission)
  • Key Access Opportunities at Cleantech Open Events
    • Launch
    • Conference
    • Academy
    • Investors Summit
    • Expo
    • Awards Gala

Grant Program Workshops

  • Federal Opportunities: DOE speakers, Grant Expert
  • State Opportunities: CEC speakers, PIER Success Stories
  • Readiness and Risk Assessment: do you quality for government contracts, how to partner to manage the risk, self-assessment guide (Contracting expert)
  • Tax Credits as Sales Tools: Marketing Consultant, Best Practices