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Multi-Use Micro Hydro

California Cleantech Open 2011 Competition
Renewable Energy


Developer of Micro Hydro with other Beneficial Uses of the same water resource


Richard D. Ely, III, Principal, KC Hydro family of companies
Kelly W. Sackheim, Principal, KC Hydro family of companies

Other Executives

Neil Anapol, Legal Counsel

Other Employees

Richard Burkhardt, website specialist
Richard Ely, Seasonal labor & miscellaneous
John Finazzo, Marketing and Onsite Labor Support
Felipe Perez, Remote Operations Implementation
Josh Sackheim, Back-office computer tech and admin assistant
Lon Seidlitz, Brighton Hydro Project Operator
Rich Thomson, Brighton Hydro Project Electrician


Richard Donovan, Controls (Electrical) Expert
Neil Murdock, Turbine Repair Expert
Robert Waser, Brighton Hydro Local Computer/Engineering Advisor


Jeff Coffin, Kleinschmidt Energy & Water Resource Consultants, Sr. Civil Engineer/Hydrologist
Walter Cotter, Browns Valley Irrigation District General Manager, Client Project Opportunity Referrals