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North Central Cleantech Open 2011 Competition
Renewable Energy


Changing the Course of Power Generation


Daryoush Allaei, CEO & CTO

Other Executives

Mark Borman, Chief Financial Officer
Steve Hill, Chief Operating Officer
Cyndi Lesher, Executive Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer

Other Employees

Allie Lindh, Executive Administrative Assistant


Dr. Yiannis Andreopoulos, Technical Advisor
Dr. Bob Crowe, Technical Advisor
Nazie Eftekhari, Business Advisor
Clay Parker, Business Advisor
Dr. David Porter, Technical Advisor
Jeff Robbins, Business Advisor
Dr. Ali Sadegh, Technical Advisor
Paul Seppanen, Business Advisor
Dr. Sheila Widnall, Technical Advisor


Jim Howard, Board of Directors, Chairman
Joe Lawyer, Board of Directors
Craig Mataczynski, Board of Directors
Jay Novak, Board of Directors
Dr. Jamshid Vayghan, Board of Directors