Join the Green Society

The Green Society of the Cleantech Open is a critical donor group dedicated to supporting our mission and activities. Comprising individuals from around the world representing business, government, and academia, these members are invited to participate in a full range of the Open’s programs, from thought leadership, to technology symposia, to exclusive events. Green Society members are welcome to contribute their ideas and energy to building the Cleantech Open community worldwide.

As a Green Society Member, you will automatically receive these exclusive benefits:

  • Green Card Membership: Green Society member automatically receive a Cleantech Open Green Card and the privileges of Green Card membership. Your Green Card will display your membership level of the Green Society.
  • Green Society Judging and Mentoring: There will be a minimum number of Green Society member judging and mentoring slots. This provides members a more exclusive opportunity to work with the Cleantech Open entrepreneurs.
  • VIP Reception Invitations: Invitations to all Cleantech Open VIP Receptions. Each reception serves wine and hors d’oeuvres and provides the opportunity to network with the best and the brightest in the clean technology world. VIP Receptions held each year include the following:
    • Annual Launch VIP Reception in February
    • Thought Leaders’ Summit VIP Reception in April
    • Accelerator VIP Reception in July
    • Awards Gala VIP Reception in November

Join the Green Society Member

Member Type Amount
Green Leader $50000
Green Innovator $25000
Green Supporter $10000
Couple $5000
Individual $3500

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Contributions by donors are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, and enable the Cleantech Open to meet new challenges, respond to opportunities, and strengthen its endeavors to find, fund and foster ecopreneurs and their technological solutions to address economic, environmental and energy challenges facing the world.