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Spotlight on Washington State University

Posted by Katie Payer at 1:40 PM, 04/16/2010

First in a Series on Cleantech Open Pacific Northwest Innovation Partners

Washington State University is a founding Innovation Partner of the Pacific Northwest Cleantech Open. Reflecting the timely potential of green science, around the same time that Cleantech Open started our national expansion, WSU launched the Bioproducts, Sciences, and Engineering Lab at its Tri-Cities campus, focusing on breakthrough research on the next-generation of biomass energy that avoids food-fuel trade-offs; a new interdisciplinary Institute for Sustainable Design at the Pullman campus, focused on blending bio-materials, structural design and neighborhood-planning; and also a new smartFARM program, aimed at building-to-field sensor-rich environment where interactive intelligence realizes major environmental and economic efficiencies.

The Energy Program of WSU Extension, based out of Olympia, has long provided a technical clearinghouse for construction professionals, industrial engineers, policy makers and developers to foster the most advanced green building techniques and practices. WSU Vancouver’s Mechanical Engineering program provides education in the fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer and micro and nanotechnology that are pivotal to advanced process efficiency. And for well over a dozen years, WSU's School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering [MME] has invented whole new classes of materials engineered at the molecular level to improve photovoltaics, hydrogen storage, fuel cells and advanced batteries.

In our first Pacific Northwest competition, a commercial spin-off of this WSU MME research was selected as a semi-finalist to undergo the Open's summer-long program. GoNano Technologies, Inc. was launched in 2007 by Dr. Grant Norton, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs in the WSU College of Engineering and Architecture, and his research partner at the University of Idaho, Dr. David McIlroy, in collaboration with the WSU Research Foundation and UI Tech Transfer Office.

Washington State University has a strong focus on clean tech development throughout its statewide programs. For more information, go to

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