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PowerSTAR wins Most Innovative Product Award

Posted by Katie Payer at 9:45 AM, 12/16/2010


On Friday December 10th Multispark, LLC, a 2009 California Semifinalist,  was awarded the 2010 CONNECT Most Innovative Product Award for Clean Tech for our PowerSTAR Performance Spark Plug.

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Additionally, in November, the company received a grant from the CA Energy Commission EISG for $95,000 .

The grant is titled “Application of Novelty Spark Plug in Compressed Natural Gas Engines”.

The grant money will be used to design, build, and test the spark plugs in CNG fueled municipal buses. While CNG is considered the cleanest fuel for large heavy duty applications, the current spark plug technology is based on 100 year old basic single electrode design technology. Multispark will show that the technology can also reduce emissions and green house gases by using the spark plug in Natural Gas fuel and heavy duty applications.



PowerSTAR® bridges present combustion technology with future alternative fuels today!



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