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ZERE Selected As $150,000 Grant Finalist

Posted by at 2:00 PM, 05/11/2010

Congratulations to ZERE, a Cleantech Open 2009 semifinalist and runner up in the renewables category.

ZERE was just chosen as one of 5 (out of roughly 45) early stage clean energy teams to present on May 18th to NIREC (Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization) for 1 - 2 grants to be awarded in June. The total value of the potential grant award is up to $150,000 ($100K cash + 50K EIR services) to be used to achieve pre-commercialization goals.

This follows having completed Phase I research with Stanford in 2008 - 09 using a CEC ESIG PIER grant of $95,000 that ZERE was awarded. At Stanford, they were able to prove their technology of zero-emission-renewable-energy (ZERE) production, using biomass waste in a fuel reactor with a solid state reaction that produces energy and no green house gas emissions. Their goal is to partner with biomass waste producers to install and run independent energy generation plants fueled by the partner's biomass waste (e.g. urban waste, forestry waste, etc.).

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