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2010 Cleantech Open Academy: Day 3 Highlights

Posted by at 5:00 PM, 08/03/2010

The third and final day of the Academy was focused on the investor presentation and the next steps in the Cleantech Open Competition.

The day began with a talk by Joe Khirallah, CEO of cleantech marketing and PR company Green Bear Group, titled “Tell Your Story, Sell Your Story.” He advised the teams about the art of giving an impressive presentation. He used metaphors, drew verbal images and explained the importance of engaging the investors in the conversation during a pitch.

The morning continued with a panel of Khirallah and Investment Manager of Applied Ventures, Annette Finsterbusch as judges for mock Cleantech Open semifinalist pitches by Matt Scullin of Alphabet Energy and Brian Pierson of tru2earth. Khirallah and Finsterbusch were very open and critical so that the semifinalist teams could learn and understand exactly what a good pitch looks like. The semifinalists evaluated the two presentations as well, rating both quite high in quality. A discussion around the room ensued regarding the best aspects of each presentation.

Executive Director of the Cleantech Open, Rex Northern took the stage before lunch to present on the next steps for semifinalists and guidance on how exactly to win the competition. He get the semifinalists to their feet to make a pledge that they would “prove Steve Blank wrong,” meaning they would all be successful. Blank, during Day One, had said only a very small percentage of startups become profitable.

After a social lunch thrown in honor of the semifinalists, the day ended with an Action Plan Workshop. The team thought and planned out the next steps in the development of their small businesses and to reflect on everything they learned in the last three days.

Again, a great thanks to Christina Ellwood, Cleantech Open Academy Chair, for doing such an incredible job organizing and hosting such a fantastic event, all of the wonderful volunteers, and our corporate sponsors.

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By Jackie Blair

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