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Call for Green Building Ideas!

Posted by at 7:15 PM, 10/13/2010

Amberix, a 2010 California semifinalist company, is in the business of optimizing air flow in new and retrofit buildings for energy efficiency.  The company is particularly interested in distribution efficiency as it relates to other efficiencies.

Currently Amberix is working on the California Public Utility Commission (PUC) building under construction in San Francisco. Amberix invites you to submit any and all of your products/proposals that could potentially benefit this building.
The government wants to make this project an example of energy efficient and Net Zero Energy building, so the budget is almost infinite and the possibilities for new product installations are there (with the approval of the contractor).
The 254,000 square feet building is 13 floors high. They are using state of the art materials and sources for energy efficient buildings.
If you think you have a product that could fit into this building and improve the R-ratings, energy usage, energy production, energy storage, energy monitoring and control, please send an "elevator pitch" of your product and its approximate cost to, and Amberix will present it to the building owners. The company will also list your product on under Amberix partners.

Thank you for your participation!

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