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2009 Alumni Success: ZERE

Posted by at 7:30 PM, 10/13/2010

ZERE has been selected to present at the 23rd Annual National Renewable Energy Laboratory Industry Growth Forum (NREL IGF), the premier event of innovative cleantech companies, venture capitalists, corporate investors, and strategic partners. Since 2003, the presenting seed, early stage, and expanding cleantech companies have collectively raised more than $3.4 billion in growth financing.  The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s 23rd Industry Growth Forum is to be held in Denver, Colorado on October 19-21, 2010. ZERE was a 2009 Cleantech Open runner-up in the Renewable Energy category. For more information and registration, please see 

ZERE has also been selected for participation in National Renewable Energy Laboratory Commercialization Assistance Program (NREL NCAP) in which NREL will work with ZERE on technical analysis leading towards commercialization of ZERE's biofuels system. ZERE's pilot test rig is being designed for construction and testing at NREL.

This news follows on the heels of ZERE being awarded $100,000 funding and $50,000 services from Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization (NIREC) to move research towards commercialization. With these funds, ZERE will model and design its test reactor system for generating zero emissions heat and power, sized for the pilot to follow at NREL.

“The Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization (NIREC) transforms clean energy ideas into sustainable businesses. With a focus on renewable energy, energy conservation and energy efficiency, NIREC launches early stage companies centered on the commercialization and widespread deployment of renewable energy solutions.”

In addition, ZERE has been selected to submit a full proposal for a joint DOE/USDA funding opportunity, Biomass Research and Development Initiative.  ZERE is leading a consortium formed with Stanford University, University of Nevada, Reno,  the Desert Research Institute (DRI), National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL), and a former EPRI expert to lead biomass research. This follows having received a positive assessment and recommendation for future funding from the California Energy Commission (CEC), for completion of ZERE/Stanford California Energy Commission Energy Innovation Small Grant (EISG) Phase I funded research ($95,000) in 2008 - 2010.  ZERE has worked with Dr. Reginald Mitchell, Professor of Mechanical Engineer and Director of the High Temperature Gasdynamics Laboratory at Stanford University to perform the CEC grant work and will continue this research at Stanford and University of Nevada Reno, with potential DOE/USDA grant funding awarded in early 2011.

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