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And the Winner Is...

Posted by at 12:30 PM, 11/18/2010


Congratulations to Pacific Northwest company Puralytics for winning the 2010 National Grand Prize.  OnChip Power from the Northeast Region and EarthClean from the North Central Region were the two runners up, and were also their regions' winners.  INOTEC won the Rocky Mountain Region and pureSolar won the California Region.

There were three additional winners during the 2010 Awards Gala. Silicon Solar Solutions from the North Central Region won the Business Competition People's Choice Award for their exciting on-stage demonstration.  Abeo A/S from Denmark took home the Global Ideas Competition People's Choice Award for their enthralling idea and video. BioVantage from the Rocky Mountain Region took home the National Sustainability award.

Congratulations to all of the companies for their stellar performances throughout the competition and on-stage!

You can read all the press about these various companies here.

And join us on YouTube to watch the 1-minute videos of all 18 regional finalists,plus find plenty of interviews from the winners backstage, insight into the competition and judging, and much more.

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