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ZERE Selected As $150,000 Grant Finalist

Posted by at 2:00 PM, 05/11/2010

Congratulations to ZERE, a Cleantech Open 2009 semifinalist and runner up in the renewables category.

ZERE was just chosen as one of 5 (out of roughly 45) early stage clean energy teams to present on May 18th to NIREC (Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization) for 1 - 2 grants to be awarded in June. The total value of the potential grant award is up to $150,000 ($100K cash + 50K EIR services) to be used to achieve pre-commercialization goals.

This follows having completed Phase I research with Stanford in 2008 - 09 using a CEC ESIG PIER grant of $95,000 that ZERE was awarded. At Stanford, they were able to prove their technology of zero-emission-renewable-energy (ZERE) production, using biomass waste in a fuel reactor with a solid state reaction that produces energy and no green house gas emissions. Their goal is to partner with biomass waste producers to install and run independent energy generation plants fueled by the partner's biomass waste (e.g. urban waste, forestry waste, etc.).

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Contestant screening is underway

Posted by at 1:23 AM, 06/02/2009

With our official entry deadline now behind us, we start to take a look at this year's rich crop of entries.


Today, we're screening Executive Summaries! Our co-founders, our Contestant Recruitment Chair, some experienced screeners, and some staff members, are all double-checking the entries for eligibility and completeness, and getting the Executive Summaries ready to pass off to our judges. What a day it's been...

Amazing kudos goes out to Shawn, our web developer, for pulling off some amazing support throughout the weekend of entries. Also, Rebeca Hwang, our Judging Chair, pulled an all-nighter getting everything ready for the judges, finalizing the screening process, and reading *every single* Executive Summary herself. What incredible supporters and volunteers we have!

We'll release final entry numbers for all the regions soon. In the meantime, thank you to all of you who entered the competition, got someone to enter, reached out to a random stranger, and otherwise supported the competition. It looks to be a good spread among our six categories, with plenty of fun technologies and great innovations. The judges are definitely going to have a hard time picking the top teams to go onto the semifinal round.

Just a quick reminder: on June 25th we'll announce the semifinalists. In the meantime, you can meet some of the teams by attending our Green Building Symposium on June 23rd at AMD in Sunnyvale. Look forward to seeing you there....



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We moved! Our new offices are in vibrant downtown Redwood City

Posted by at 8:52 PM, 06/01/2009

The Clean Tech Open has moved into some super new office space. With land lines, yay!

We're officially moved into the new office in Redwood City! I can hear the train right outside my window, can walk two blocks to my favorite restaurant, Chipotle, and best of all, meet with several of our Alumni companies that are moving in right down the hall! Stop by any time to visit us and check out the new digs.

Our new address: 2395 Broadway, Redwood City. MAP

Special thanks to Jeremy Walker, our Special Projects Chair, for all the incredible work he's done. He found the new place, has set up all our special VOIP, gotten us some great deals on printers and hardware, helped everyone set up, and is pulling all the pieces together. He has an office space in the new place as well, so say hi to "Captain Jeremy" if you stop by.

Don't forget: the entry deadline for the 2009 competition is less than 48 hours away. The Contestant Recruitment team has done a fantastic job of reaching out to all potential contestants in every corner of the state. If you have anyone who's sitting on the fence about entering this year, please let them know about all the great perks they get just for entering!

This year's contestants will be announced on June 25th. Stay tuned for the big news.


Katie Roberts

Marketing and Communications Manager

Clean Tech Open



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