Global Ideas

Judging Criteria

The following are four areas that all ideas will be judged on at each country's final judging round:

Idea Concept: Concisely and clearly explained
Innovation: Breakthrough in thinking or design
Business Viability: A significant and interesting market exists
Sustainability: Positive impact on environment

For each criterion we ask that judges score from 1 to 5 and use this as the basis for feedback to the entrant:

5 -- Keep doing what you are doing. Focus on other areas.

4 -- Almost there. Could be better if...

3 -- Mixed. Key areas for improvement include...

2 -- Work needed in this area. You should focus on...

1 -- Significant work needed here, particularly...

The judging criteria is focused on the following four areas:

Overall Concept
For judges: Was this concept concisely and clearly explained? Do you understand it?
For entrants: Do your very best to convey in the clearest terms possible your overall concept. Judging will be determined based on how quickly and easily your clean idea can be explained.

Innovation Level
For judges: Is this a breakthrough in thinking or design?
For entrants: Prove in a brief description, the innovation level of your concept by comparing it with research regarding your competition. Discover and detail how many Direct, Indirect, and Potential competitors are working on a similar idea or challenge. Judging will be determined based on this research.

Business Viability
For judges: Does a significant and interesting market exist?
For entrants: Briefly prove that the idea is viable in today's market. Prove that it can be produced with current technology and that the production, service, or method can be repeated in an efficient manner. The business viability will be judged based on the factors of difficulty needed to create or operate a business to bring the clean idea to market.

For judges: Is there a significant positive impact on the environment?
For entrants: How ecological or sustainable is the idea's production, distribution, or use? Does it have a positive impact for the environment in all aspects or just one? Sustainability Impact is key for the competition and is an important aspect during the judging process.