Alumni Program

The Cleantech Open Alumni Program is designed to advance the business goals of companies who have previously competed in the Business Competition.  The goals of the program are to foster innovation, connection, and communication, and to help the alumni continue to build business momentum.  

The Alumni Program tracks the progress and success of the companies enrolled in the program, and these metrics enable sponsors to see the value in their investment in the Cleantech Open.   Key metrics for our alumni companies are :

  • Funding
  • Job creation
  • Revenue
  • Customers
  • Patents
  • Products

Alumni Education

Throughout the year, the Cleantech Open provides ongoing business education to its members and alumni.   A series of five workshops and seminars is targeted specifically to Alumni: 

  • Sustainability (Sustainable Design Strategy, The B Corporation)
  • Funding,  (Demystifying  Funding, VC Pitch Coaching, Weathering the Dry Investment Climate)
  • Marketing  (Traction Accelerator, Intro to PR)
  • Policy  (Understanding and Leveraging ARRA)
  • Business Operations(How to Build and Train a Great Team)

Alumni Directory

A directory of alumni companies, including product offerings, team members and selected case studies is produced annually.   This directory is available to the public allowing the Cleantech Open to showcase its successful companies and providing sponsors and the general community with access to and information about the alumni.

Alumni Award

Each year at the Cleantech Open Awards Gala, an alumni company is honored for achieving success in three key areas: funding progress, customer acquisition, and product implementation.

Policy Programs (Grants Program and SOAR)

In response to the passing of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, the Cleantech Open Alumni Program created a program and portal specifically to help our alumni companies interpret federal and state policy rulings, determine eligibility, and understand how to apply for appropriate funds.  The SOAR (Stimulus Opportunity and Resources) project helped guide several companies through this process, and created a portal to provide linkage to the appropriate resources.