Cleantech Open Success Stories

The 581 alumni companies of the annual Cleantech Open Accelerator & Competition have developed into some of the industry's most impressive success stories.

These eager entrepreneurs started with bright ideas and built strong relationships and business strategies to support their growth into world-class companies. Today, they are leading the way in the cleantech sector, generating green jobs and contributing to a surge of positive environmental impact.

To date, our alumni have raised over $660 million with a rapid increase each year evidenced by the $154 million raised in the last twelve months.

You can get  a small taste of our alumni network’s impressive success stories by scanning the gallery below. Watch some of their videos, surf through their websites and join us in being incredibly impressed.


Indow Windows

Comfort All Year

2011 Energy Efficiency Winner | Pacific Northwest Region | $1 Million Funded

Indow Windows are thermal window inserts that simply press into the inside of your window frames to give you money-saving, double-pane window performance, but at a fraction of the cost.
Indow Windows boost your year-round comfort by blocking hot summer blasts and cold winter drafts. As a bonus, Indow Windows reduce the noise that comes through your windows by 50%. Best of all, Indow Windows almost disappear when installed, letting your home's own beauty shine through.



We Make Nano Happen

2010 Finalist | North Central Region | $2 Million Funded

Xolve’s discoveries solve one of the basic problems in nanotechnology: Up until now, nanomaterials have not been able to be used effectively in actual applications because the particles aggregate, destroying their surface area and their potentially super attributes. Xolve discovered an instrument and a method that can place these materials in true solutions, enabling their incredible potential to be exploited across a multitude of applications.


OnChip Power

Bringing Integration to Power Electronics

2010 Northeast Winner | Northeast Region | $2.8 Million Funded

OnChip Power is an MIT technology start-up commercializing a next generation power supply architecture that enables miniaturized electronic products. We create value by providing power supplies with 10x smaller size, 3x greater reliability, and 50% fewer components.


EarthClean Corporation

Bringing Integration to Power Electronics

2010 Finalist | $2 Million Funded

EarthClean product technology changes water into an independently-verified biodegradable, non-toxic gel that is applied using standard fire-fighting equipment. As it is pumped, it transforms into free-flowing liquid via shear thinning, then reverts to a fire suppressant.



Power Through Storage

2010 Finalist | Western Region | $6.4 Million Funded

We believe that the sun is the ultimate energy source. By developing and commercializing our advanced materials, we intend to enable electricity generation from the sun, day and night, at a cost cheaper than fossil fuels. Halotechnics was founded in 2009 with a vision of solar power, day and night. We have developed the infrastructure to discover new high-impact materials at a speed unparalleled anywhere in the world. Our high-throughput materials discovery capability has its roots in research conducted at Symyx Technologies, an early pioneer in combinatorial chemistry.



An Amazing New Technology for Purifying Water

2010 Grand Prize Winner | Pacific Northwest Region | $1.2 Million Funded

Puralytics has pioneered an entirely new photochemical technology for water purification. Enabled by recent advances in: Semiconductors - efficient, high power LEDs; Optics - uniform, high intensity illumination; Nanotechnology - cost effective, fixed photocatalyst coating.


Armageddon Energy

Solar on Every Roof

2009 Renewable Energy Finalist |

The SolarClover™ is a 1kW AC rooftop solar system for home owners and anyone who wants an attractive, affordable, easy to install solar system. The SolarClover™ makes generating energy from the Sun as simple as getting a new dishwasher.


Alphabet Energy

Thermodynamics for Waste Recovery

2009 Energy Efficiency Finalist | $15.5 Million Funded

Alphabet Energy, Inc. is commercializing a breakthrough, inexpensive waste heat recovery technology initially developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Our revolutionary all-silicon thermoelectric approach is the only of its kind that lends itself to massive scale, low cost, and high sustainability. With our products, customers may use their waste heat to generate electrical power in the range of microwatts to megawatts.



Revolution in Micro-Hydropower

2009 | Pacific Northwest Region |

Hydrovolts offers new in-stream hydrokinetic turbines for clean energy generation around the world. ydrovolts turbines boast several technological innovations that make our turbines the cost-effective answer for your hydrokinetic power needs. Our products pay for themselves in five years or less in appropriate sites.


FLODESIGN Wind Turbine

There’s Change in the Wind

2008 Regional Winner | Northeast Region | $100 Million Funded


Power Assure

On Demand Energy Efficiency

2008 | Western Region | $49 Million Funded

Received a $5 million energy grant from the U.S. Department of Energy Won $2.5 million Series A funding from DFJ Announced new management team additions Is carrying out new installations for revenue Recently announced it has raised an additional $11.75 million in funding from Good Energies, Point Judith Capital, and Draper Fisher Jurvetson, increasing its total capital raised to $18.75.


Lucid Design Group

Visualize energy and water use in real time with Building Dashboard®

2007 | Smart Power Winner | $1.5 Million Funded

Lucid's hosted Building Dashboard® energy monitoring and display software makes energy and water use visible in real time on the web.


Adura Technologies

The Leader in Wireless Lighting Control

2006 | Western Region | $20.6 Million Funded

The Adura Lighting Control System is a powerful energy management platform comprised of six simple components: a web-based dashboard, an internet-connected Gateway, Light Controllers that are installed within light fixtures, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and wall controls. Adura’s core wireless technology was developed at the University of California, Berkeley. Adura’s system uses standard IEEE 802.15.4 low-power radios that communicate several hundred feet using very little power. By forming a self-healing, adaptive mesh network, our wireless controls communicate over much longer distances and maintain reliable connectivity, even in difficult environments.